Biodynamic composting - Afternoon workshop

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This afternoon workshop from 1-3.30 pm, held in beautiful biodynamic gardens of the workshop presenter, Peter Kearney, will provide you with a unique opportunity to understand how to make compost using biodynamic methods. 

Its a hands-on workshop where we make a compost heap, use finished compost in our food gardens for planting and also turn it into liquid fertiliser. 

You will understand all the key ingredients of the compost heap and where to get them, how to put them together, how biodynamic compost preparations guide the quality of the compost heap and its balance of minerals and life, how to manage the compost heap which does not need to be turned to finish off and how to be strategic about when to make your compost.

Our aim is to build a community of composters from the workshop and we facilitate connections between participants at the workshop and when its finished.

The workshop presenter, Peter Kearney has worked with this composting method for over 20 years and has successfully grown seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits in the Brisbane climate for 21 years using organic and biodynamic methods. Peter has run organic and biodynamic workshops around Australia for 10 years. 

Participant numbers are limited to 20 people  A herb tea will be provided during the question and answer session. Workshop price is $50. Book early.

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What you will learn
  • How to make biodynamic compost
  • How to manage the compost heap while brewing
  • How to get the most beneficial impact from your compost
What you will get
  • Healthy afternoon tea

What to bring
  • Writing pad
  • Water bottle
What to wear

Gardening clothes with sun hat and gardening gloves

Appropriate for

Organic gardeners, adult of any age

Please bring along your own cup for teas

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19 May 2018 • Biodynamic composting - Afternoon workshop

Practical, hands-on workshop with plenty of good information. Well structured with time for questions and confirmation of ideas. Highly recommend if you are interested in biodynamics or even just basic composing. Thank you Peter