Transform Your Summer Organic Vegetable Garden

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2.5 hours
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This afternoon workshop from 1-3.30pm, held in beautiful organic gardens of the workshop presenter, Peter Kearney, will provide you with a unique opportunity to understand the essential seasonal activities for your summer to early autumn vegetable garden in the sub tropical climate of Brisbane.

Peter will take you through his highly productive organic vegetable gardens and talk about what he has planned for his gardens from December to end to February, He will also provide you with a background of what has happened in the season just finishing and a context of how his summer to early autumn vegetable garden work fits into his yearly organic gardening rthymn. Peter has successfully grown seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits in the Brisbane climate for 21 years using organic methods.

Participant numbers are limited to 15 people and half the workshop time will be used for question and answer based on the participants own gardens. A herb tea will be provided during the question and answer session. Biodynamic soil conditioner and tree paste, as well as seasonal vegetable seedlings and herb pots are for sale at the workshop.

Workshop price is $50. Book early.

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What you will learn
  • Key tips on soil management for summer to autumn
  • Essential tasks to maximise plant vitality and reduce impact of pests and diseases from December start to end of March
  • Ideal vegetable and herb crops to work with for sub tropical summer to autumn
What you will get
  • Healthy afternoon tea

What to bring
  • Writing pad
  • Water bottle
What to wear

Garden clothes with hat

Appropriate for

Organic gardeners from teenager to adult of any age